Which Tile Saw Is Your Smartest Choice?

using the right tile saw

Determining the right tool for tile cutting is essential. A tile cutting job requires perfect planning which should involve the use of the best tile saw in the market. Most homeowners seek the services of professional tile setters. This is to make sure that everything will turn out as planned. As a mere audience in the cutting task, it is also necessary for you to get to know about tile saws. To give a quick access to the impressive reviews about tile saws, Sawingpros.com is here to entertain your queries and doubts.

The tile saw is typically used to cut different kinds of tiles such as ceramic, porcelain, glass, and natural stone. It is a specialized tool for the tiling job. There’s no other cutting tool intended for this task. This tool is equipped with a special diamond coated blades which display no teeth. This is what makes the tile saw different from other power saws. Besides, the tile saw is not really doing its task by cutting but instead, it follows the grinding pattern. Hence, tiles saws never cut but grind.

If you are an interested DIY enthusiast, using the tile saw in your simple DIY tiling job is quite necessary.  There are specific tile saws for this end. For more precise cuts and convenience, it’s good to know the types of tile saws in your home depots. Get decent knowledge about wet tile saws, hand held saws and tile grinders.  Each of them has its own applications and features which can really work best if just being adhered to properly.  In fact, these types have their own share of advantages and disadvantages which the tile setters and DIYers should know and understand.

Meet the Tile Saw

The blade of this tile saw is mounted in a water reservoir. Tile contractors always consider having the wet tile saw in their array of tools because it’s most capable for large tiling projects. The wet tile saw is the perfect choice for making the perfect cuts in large quantities of tiles.

What is the water reservoir for? The water is used to cool down the tile saw blade as it can get damaged by the intense heat from the friction of the tile and the saw blade. It makes cutting easier and prevents the tile from cracking. Furthermore, the water will absorb dust particles or sawdust during the cutting process, reducing dust particles and debris.

Meet the Hand Held Tile Saws

They are portable tile saws that are most required for small projects for thinner materials to be cut.  This type can work greatly for tiling countertops and in making curved and intricate shapes.

Meet the Grinders

Commonly called as angle grinders, they are the handiest type of tile saw.  This is best for DIY enthusiasts who are into small tiling prefects at home. They are the most portable for DIYers.

Whatever is your tiling project, having the tile saw for this job is the smartest choice. If it isn’t because of tile saws, which of the tools is nearly capable for the job? Absolutely, there’s none!