Cleaning Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Living

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House cleaning is a great way to start or sustain green living. Spring is often synonymous with major cleaning projects. It is a perfect time to finally open the doors and windows wide to let fresh, warmer air come in after cozying up indoors during the winter months. But the spring months are not the only best times for clean-up projects. A regular and smaller cleaning and decluterring sessions can also do a lot of good not just for your home but for your green lifestyle. Here are some ideas on how to weed out clutter and keep your house more organized on a regular basis.

Reduce the amount of stuff you have

The best way to declutter is to actually reduce the amount of things you own. The less stuff you have, the less clutter you will like have in between clean ups. Getting rid of personal belongings, however, is easier said than done. One of the most common obstacles is the attachment you have on things. It may not longer be serving you for years, but it may still be so hard to let go for sentimental reasons. This is why small decluttering projects can help you let go one item or two at a time. This is much easier than giving up several things at once.


Practice green cleaning

If you have not done it already, now is always a good time to start using eco-friendly cleaning products. Buy cleaning items that meet green standards. Or you can use cleaning solutions made from products you already have in your kitchen like baking soda and vinegar among others. You can also use washable cloths for cleaning instead of easy-to-use but disposable items you get from the supermarket.


Organize using reused, natural, or biodegradable items

Reuse materials or items you already have instead of buying new storage bins. Or if you really need to purchase some, choose natural or biodegradable products. You can use baskets or cloth bags instead of the usual plastic containers available in many home organizing shops.


Dry cleaning cloths or laundry outside

Make the most of the good weather by hanging cleaning cloths or laundry to dry outside. Let sunlight do what it does best while you save up on power by skipping the dryer feature of your washing machine. Put up a clothesline outside your home if you can. Or you can get a collapsible laundry drying rack that you can easily set up when needed.