Promote a green lifestyle by drinking organic juice! With one of the best juicers in 2017, you can make your own organic juice that’s both healthy for you and the environment.


smoothie_veggie_juice_kitchen_fruits_healthy_vegetables_nutritionJuicing organic veggies and fruits allow us to receive about 80-90% of the food’s nutrients. Because juices are digested more easily by our bodies than whole food, we’ll also be able to get the nutrients faster.


Using organic foods for juice also prevent us from drinking the insecticide, fungicide, pesticide, herbicide, and synthetic fertilizer that has become part of the non-organic foods. You wouldn’t want your body to absorb those chemicals, would you?


But the list doesn’t end there. Below are the other reasons why organic juice is better than non-organic juice.

They encourage a healthier way of living.


Organic juices promote a healthier lifestyle by discouraging you from continuing your old, damaging eating and drinking habits. Organic juices enable our digestive system to rest and cleanse itself.


When we know we’re consuming organic juices; we’ll also be more careful about what we eat and drink, allowing us to be wise about our food choices.

They are loaded with nutrients.

Raw food in juice form is an excellent source of nutrients. They supply our bodies with adequate fluids, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, phytonutrients, fats, trace proteins, antioxidants (such as vitamin A and C), and other nutrients. Organic juices keep the body hydrated and energized too. Because of the nutrients they have, they help keep our immune system active. They also have better healing powers than non-organic juices.

They help sustain the environment.


Purchasing organic food is a great way to support organic farmers who are careful about their farming practices. These people aim to conserve water and improve the quality of the soil to help our environment. Both are essential in combating droughts. So the next time you need fruits and veggies, choose to buy from a farmer’s market over a grocery store.