Archery: Perfect Way to Discover Nature

Field Archery

Archery  shows a marvelous connection with nature. When you let the arrow fly into the air and hear the amazing “thud” as it hits your target, the breezy air gives you more comfort and the green grass invites you to aim, sight,  and shoot again and again!

Nature enhances life and stimulates the spirit. It allows us to appreciate our self-worth and the world around us.  The outdoors invites your attention and care. Being attuned to what nature offers will keep you attuned of your being. Archery is not just for competition. It is also a form of amazing recreation that will bring out the best in you.  This fantastic shooting activity will give you the opportunity to spend time in nature and get attuned to its wisdom. As you do it, always be conscious of your shooting efforts as they should be done with our best bow for hunting.

What is Field Archery?

It is a dimension in archery which involves the practice of shooting at targets of varying distance. More often times, the distance is unmarked. This shooting activity is usually done in woodland, mixed and rough terrains and rough ground. There could be slopes and hollows along the way that will surely add color to your day.

Targets are placed on the course while the field archers shoot in groups from target to target. As field archery gets varied such as the number of targets on the course and the location of the shoot , this would give you opportunities to be with nature.

Aside from being a sport, field archery provides a perfect training ground to enhance shooting techniques and skills needed for bowhunting.


Field archery will support our dynamic self. The activity will help us develop and grow. Aiming your targets at the rough terrain will open tough experiences for you that will make you become more dynamic.  Communing with nature through field archery is possible.

The rugged terrain and the unpredictable weather will take you out from your complacency and won’t let you get stuck in a certain level of life. The experiences in field archery are unlimited.

As you proceed to your quest of hitting your targets, discover what nature has in store for you. Exploration is in the nature of field archery. This sport will increase your sensitivity towards nature. As you make a straight shot at your targets, whether 3D animals or round targets, you will be more conscious of loving nature more.