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House cleaning is a great way to start or sustain green living. Spring is often synonymous with major cleaning projects. It is a perfect time to finally open the doors and windows wide to let fresh, warmer air come in after cozying up indoors during the winter months. But the spring months are not the only best times for clean-up projects. A regular and smaller cleaning and decluterring sessions can also do a lot of good not just for your home but for your green lifestyle. Here are some ideas on how to weed out clutter and keep your house more organized on a regular basis.

Reduce the amount of stuff you have

The best way to declutter is to actually reduce the amount of things you own. The less stuff you have, the less clutter you will like have in between clean ups. Getting rid of personal belongings, however, is easier said than done. One of the most common obstacles is the attachment you have on things. It may not longer be serving you for years, but it may still be so hard to let go for sentimental reasons. This is why small decluttering projects can help you let go one item or two at a time. This is much easier than giving up several things at once.


Practice green cleaning

If you have not done it already, now is always a good time to start using eco-friendly cleaning products. Buy cleaning items that meet green standards. Or you can use cleaning solutions made from products you already have in your kitchen like baking soda and vinegar among others. You can also use washable cloths for cleaning instead of easy-to-use but disposable items you get from the supermarket.


Organize using reused, natural, or biodegradable items

Reuse materials or items you already have instead of buying new storage bins. Or if you really need to purchase some, choose natural or biodegradable products. You can use baskets or cloth bags instead of the usual plastic containers available in many home organizing shops.


Dry cleaning cloths or laundry outside

Make the most of the good weather by hanging cleaning cloths or laundry to dry outside. Let sunlight do what it does best while you save up on power by skipping the dryer feature of your washing machine. Put up a clothesline outside your home if you can. Or you can get a collapsible laundry drying rack that you can easily set up when needed.

pressure washing

  Pressure washing is a  cleaning technique  which clears out grime quickly and easily. It  is time-saving and cost-effective. To get started check our Pressure Washer Planet and it will help you with your pressure washing needs.
What is Eco-friendly Cleaning?

Let’s go green. Pressure washing is indeed very effective and quick. You restore the original appearance of your house exterior without shedding a bucket of sweat. Indeed, pressure washing knows the trick of the trade when it comes to cleaning.  But how safe is this practice to the environment? Thinking about being eco-friendly, it means caring for the environment. This involves doing things that will not pose any harm towards the environment.

Is using chemicals and strong detergents harmful? They can easily remove the stain and dirt on the siding and deck. The stronger the detergent the better will be the results. This has been the notion. Abrasive and strong detergents are indeed harmful. Shall we not use them anymore when cleaning? Is the high pressure of water from the nozzle just enough to remove the dirt and germs? Folks, this is where waste water management comes in. Being the homeowner, you should be aware as to where the waste water go. You are ultimately responsible for this because it is your property and you know pretty well where the water goes.

pressure washing

Quite Fine!  The pressure washer professionals share that they are not using soap or any harmful chemicals in cleaning, and so there’s nothing to worry about. Well, think about it. Open your minds and broaden your horizons as they say. Pressure washing removes dirt, dust, grime, oil, grease, and sediments. These are pollutants. This is a major concern. Hence, proper waste water management has to be applied appropriately. The waste water has to be captured back into the pressure washer equipment. Well, this is another important feature you should look into.

Nearby water resources have to be preserved. Your landscapes have to be protected. Choosing environmentally friendly biodegradable detergents can help. However, proper waste water management should become the focal point in pressure washing.

Keep Clean, Go Green!

Pressure washing gives your house amazing results. Likewise, it should also give impressive ways of environment conservation. Be eco-friendly. Be concerned. Be a responsible pressure washing professional.

The result of pressure washing to our house is instant. It can give instant beauty and restoration. But the impact it creates towards the environment, if it’s done without concern, is gradual destruction. Feel the environment in pressure washing.

In doing pressure washing, you should not only think of the physical condition of your house exterior, you have to be equally concerned for the environment. Remember, your house is just a small part of the whole. Your biggest home is the environment where you belong. If it’s destroyed, what could be your another option?


Field Archery

Archery  shows a marvelous connection with nature. When you let the arrow fly into the air and hear the amazing “thud” as it hits your target, the breezy air gives you more comfort and the green grass invites you to aim, sight,  and shoot again and again!

Nature enhances life and stimulates the spirit. It allows us to appreciate our self-worth and the world around us.  The outdoors invites your attention and care. Being attuned to what nature offers will keep you attuned of your being. Archery is not just for competition. It is also a form of amazing recreation that will bring out the best in you.  This fantastic shooting activity will give you the opportunity to spend time in nature and get attuned to its wisdom. As you do it, always be conscious of your shooting efforts as they should be done with our best bow for hunting.

What is Field Archery?

It is a dimension in archery which involves the practice of shooting at targets of varying distance. More often times, the distance is unmarked. This shooting activity is usually done in woodland, mixed and rough terrains and rough ground. There could be slopes and hollows along the way that will surely add color to your day.

Targets are placed on the course while the field archers shoot in groups from target to target. As field archery gets varied such as the number of targets on the course and the location of the shoot , this would give you opportunities to be with nature.

Aside from being a sport, field archery provides a perfect training ground to enhance shooting techniques and skills needed for bowhunting.


Field archery will support our dynamic self. The activity will help us develop and grow. Aiming your targets at the rough terrain will open tough experiences for you that will make you become more dynamic.  Communing with nature through field archery is possible.

The rugged terrain and the unpredictable weather will take you out from your complacency and won’t let you get stuck in a certain level of life. The experiences in field archery are unlimited.

As you proceed to your quest of hitting your targets, discover what nature has in store for you. Exploration is in the nature of field archery. This sport will increase your sensitivity towards nature. As you make a straight shot at your targets, whether 3D animals or round targets, you will be more conscious of loving nature more.



More and more people are now recognizing the benefits of going green not just to the environment but to their personal finances as well. With the media putting more spotlight on individual and collective efforts to go green, now is an even better time to harness the many advantages of living an eco-friendly lifestyle. You can explore different ways to go green and save money while reducing your carbon footprint.

Reduce your energy consumption – Turn off the light, air condition, and more when not in use. Unplug the television and your computer as soon as you are done. Hang your clothes to dry outside instead of relying on machine drying all the time.

Rethink your daily commute – Do you really have to use your car on your daily commute? Carpooling or opting for public transportation can help you save money while doing your share for easing your impact to the environment. You can also consider biking to work or discussing the possibility of telecommuting with your employers. Whenever you can, choose to walk or use your bicycle instead of driving your car when running errands somewhere nearby.

Use water wisely – Saving water is one of the green ways to save money. Use a glass for water when brushing your teeth instead of leaving the faucet open. Avoid staying too long in the shower, especially if you are just standing under the gushing water as you brainstorm or daydream. Check faucets and other installations for any leaks. Replace broken faucets or pipes immediately to avoid wasting water.

Grow your own fruits and vegetables – Another way to go green to save green is to grow your own garden. Plant some of your favorite fruits or vegetables. Growing a garden does not only provide you with fresh produce from time to time. It can also be a great form of exercise that can help you stay fit and healthy.

Prepare your own food – One of the simple ways to go green and save money is to cut back on eating out. Preparing your own meals and snacks can save you more money. It also allows you to make healthy choices for your ingredients.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle – Think carefully before you buy anything. Donate items you no longer use, buy used or pick products with minimal packaging, opt for recycled or recyclable items, rent or borrow stuff that you need for short periods of time.

Prepare your own housecleaning products – You do not have to buy everything off the shelf. Check out resources that you can use as references in preparing your own cleaning agents. Use natural ingredients available in your garden or kitchen.

Opt for paperless billing – Most businesses and billing institutions nowadays offer paperless billing options. Go for paperless billing to reduce clutter build-up at home. You can even enjoy discounts being offered by some businesses to those who sign up for the option.



There is probably no one in this world that can unequivocally say that change is easy. Change is hard. And change that sticks is harder to achieve. Going green is a way of life that requires a lot of changes. For this reason, it is not something you accomplish overnight. It is a lifelong process with plenty of ups and downs along the way. But the good news is that it would not be an impossible goal. In fact, many have succeeded at making lifestyle changes that adopt eco-friendly habits. The road may not be smooth going, but green living is achievable with simple strategies that include the following.


Set a goal that you can stick to

Setting big goals at the get go can be daunting. But going for the easiest or most convenient route may not also be a great start. You have to find that right balance that provides just the right amount of challenge but not too much that it would not be doable. Set your eyes on a big goal then break it apart into smaller chunks. The goal is to have a plan that you can set into motion and stick to once the going gets tough. You can aim for an eco-friendly lifestyle and start the journey by working on one habit at a time. For instance, you can start making changes on your food choices by eating less meat. Or you can begin by practicing the principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling in your daily life.


Focus on the benefits

Change is disruptive. And it may not always be fun, especially if you have to give up certain things to develop eco-friendly habits. Focusing on the benefits can help put your efforts in perspective. Looking at the larger scale, your contributions may not seem to amount to much given the scope of global environmental problems that need to be addressed. You can think of it as your small contribution to the bigger scheme of things. But one way to see the value of what you are doing is to make it personal. Focus on the positive effects like saving on power and gasoline costs among many others.


Take the divide and conquer approach

Introducing several big changes at once is overwhelming. It is not a great way to start something you want to sustain. It may sound cliché but it helps to take it slow. Set your green living goals in motion by starting with small changes. Tackle one habit or aspect of your life at a time. The small successes you gain can boost your motivation to keep going.